Monday, March 3, 2014

I'm baaaaaaack!

Ok, so it's been over a year!  I've been a tad busy and a bit overwhelmed, but my new year's resolution was to be better at writing in my journal and/or blog.  So, I've been writing in my journal and I changed some of the pics to the blog and figured I will try and write some on here too (not that anyone actually reads my blog, but ya know, more for me).  So I am slowly, but surely updating.  If I went over everything that has happened in the last 14 months, this post would be forever long and would take forever and a lot of arm strength (which I don't have at the moment).  So it will probably be mostly pictures of the big events :)  First and foremost our baby girl Keleah Elise was born March 15, 2013 (Yes I realize that is almost a whole year ago).

Man oh man has she brought so much happiness (and sleepless nights) to our home :)  She's a beauty and we are so blessed to have her.   Here are a couple random photos of her the past few months

Ok, I realize that was photo overload but almost a whole year has gone by and I could have put a whole bunch more very cute and memorable pictures of her on here :)  
And I realize  I still have a few more main events to go from our last year, but I am exhausted and must get to sleep.  :)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Blakers turns 9!

Can you believe it?  We have a  9 year old!  Am I really that old?  Here are some photos of him from the past 9 years!  Time goes by waaaaaay too fast!  Happy Birthday Blake!  We love you

Some little tidbits on Blake:
*He still loves cars (always has, always will)
*Is really in to dinosaurs right now
*loves all kinds of food.  He loves eating meat right off the bone, shrimp, he eats almost anything we put in front of him
*still loves running
*enjoys giving me attitude when I ask him to do something :)
*hates doing homework
*loves Diary of a Wimpy Kid books and movies
*NEVER sleeps in
*hates when he doesn't know exactly what to expect or what is going on
*asks me the same questions over and over :)